As the school year ends in a new way and without face to face classes, it’s time to plan online celebrations, reflections, and memorials.

What is an Online Reflection?

Online reflections are opportunities to set aside time to look back over the past academic year and reflect on our experiences. We might come to new understandings about what was learned, where growth occurred, and what was lost. This year, more than any other, there is much to reflect on.

Reflections might take place privately, in one’s own thoughts. Or, reflections might be shared in writing, by virtual means, or in a live conference call. Regardless of how the reflection occurs, it’s essential to think about the past few months and how individuals moved through one of the strangest educational times in recent history.

What is an End of Semester Memorial?

Memorials are more formal opportunities to ceremoniously end the school year. These might include both happy and sad celebrations.

On the one hand, many people will celebrate significant achievements. Retiring from a successful education career. Graduation after attending school for many years. Finishing a set of tough classes. Overcoming significant challenges.

On the other hand, some of us will grieve for what was lost. High school seniors without formal graduation ceremonies. College graduates without live commencements. Virtual ceremonies instead of live events. Retirement without saying goodbye.

Celebrations Bring Meaning to Life

As the academic year concludes, now is the time to decide how to memorialize the year. Celebrations can help us make sense of unclear situations. A ceremony is meaningful because it signifies completion. They connect us to each other. And, celebrations bring meaning to life. Even when they happen virtually.

Some schools are hosting virtual commencements. 

So, will you create a digital slideshow and share it with friends?

Or, will you have a small celebration at home to feel the significance of the moment?

Whatever you decide, remember that a virtual celebration can still be meaningful, enjoyable, and fun. Bringing people together to commemorate achievement or milestones brings meaning to life. And online celebrations, reflections, and memorials are meaningful, even on the Internet.