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Welcome to the professional educator website of Dr. Bethanie Hansen, Professor of Music and Faculty Director at American Public University.

I’m Bethanie, and I love putting good out into the world through music, education, and professional coaching. I lead a team of diverse online faculty members as a Professor and Faculty Director, and I’m passionate about education and personal development. Because of this, I also have a private coaching practice and share ideas through writing, presenting, and podcasting as well. 

If you are here because you want some help teaching online or teaching music appreciation, you’re in the right place! Take a look at the Online Teaching Lounge podcast on this website or the Online Teaching Toolbox to get started.

If you’re instead looking for professional coaching, leadership tools, or mindset change strategies, please visit my companion website DrBCoach.Com and the Mindset for Life podcast devoted to those subjects.

I began learning to play musical instruments when I was eight, starting with piano lessons. Shortly after that, I “borrowed” my father’s cornet and learned to play the trumpet in fourth grade band. Years later, I concluded a 20-year career of teaching public school music and am now a professor and coach, helping others to become the best they can be in education, online, and professional arenas, and in all areas of life.

Have you ever wished that life came with an instruction manual? Yep, me too. The bad news is, it doesn’t. The good news? We can create a life we love, and have an impact at the same time, developing through our challenges. I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities throughout my life and have overcome significant challenges. For example, I battled obesity most of my life and ultimately lost over 100 lbs. and have successfully maintained it. I juggled live teaching, online teaching, writing a doctoral dissertation, and homeschooling one of our sons at the same time. I’ve managed multiple departments during leadership shortages and I’m familiar with overwhelm and intense time management challenges.

My unique experiences and background have prepared me well to work with individuals in many professional areas and who are having diverse challenges of their own. I love helping others overcome their own obstacles, so they too can enjoy what they do, move beyond limits, and love who they are. The journey has led me to work with a variety of groups and individuals across the United States and in seven countries by performing music, teaching, presenting, coaching, and helping others reach their goals over the past 25 years. 


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The same things that led you to teach or perform music can also work well in online education as you share a passion for teaching or music with your students.

– Hansen, Teaching Music Appreciation Online, Oxford University Press (2020)


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