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Thank you for visiting the professional website of Dr. Bethanie Hansen, professor, coach, musician, digital photography hobbyist, wife, mom, and friend. I have a passion for helping educators thrive so they can serve, teach, and lead with excellence. Most teachers want to guide students to develop their potential and learn. This involves serving, teaching, and leading confidently. At the same time, we want health and wellbeing, work-life balance, and resilience in our own lives. And because educators give their time and energy to serve, teach, and lead others, these personal goals end up at the bottom of the list.

I help in both areas–wellbeing and professional excellence–by sharing personalized tools and brain-based strategies I’ve developed and collected, listening, learning about people, and guiding them to draw on their strengths and abilities. It’s exciting work that brings clarity and confidence to those I work with and keeps me growing, too! There is both power and purpose in each one of us, and in my experience, we need help developing that power and refining our purpose to truly thrive vibrantly.

For tips on teaching online or teaching music appreciation, you’re in the right place! Take a look at the Online Teaching Lounge podcast. Episodes 26–140 were produced by American Public University, and the podcast is currently ongoing and self-published. The podcast supports online educators in their great work of changing lives through the power of education at a distance while living a balanced life (available through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible, Amazon Music, and other platforms).

Want a quick snapshot of your current wellbeing? Visit my “wheel of life” and try it out! Once you try this tool, you might notice that one or more areas of life could use a different approach to balance it all. Consider coaching for strategies to thrive, rather than just endure, in your work as an educator and leader. Coaching is available at my companion website DrBCoach.Com for 1:1 coaching or the group workshop in health and wellbeing, work-life balance, and resilience.  

Get Online, and Teach.

#139: A Guide to Using Video in Your Online Teaching

Video has become a staple of our everyday lives. Get an inside look at the best ways to use video in your online classroom.

#138: How to Approach Online Discussions from a Macro and Micro View

There are various benefits to online discussions, including teaching students how to interact and skills like conflict resolution.

#137: How Radical Depersonalization Can Improve Your Teaching

Have you ever felt attacked by a student’s feedback about your teaching? Learn how radical depersonalization can help teachers better understand the needs of students and even help get to know students better.

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The same things that led you to teach or perform music can also work well in online education as you share a passion for teaching or music with your students.

– Hansen, Teaching Music Appreciation Online, Oxford University Press (2020)


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