Helping Educators Thrive while Teaching Online, so They Can Help Students Develop Their Potentials and Promote Resilience and Lifelong Learning in Their Communities

Dr. Bethanie Hansen 

Strategic Educational Leader and Coach

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Strategic Educational Leader and Coach 


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What does a strategic educational leader and coach do?

This is my special niche of helping educators thrive so they can help students develop their potential and promote resilience and lifelong learning in their communities. Educators care about developing the potential of students they teach, and about nurturing them in the subject-area. And because educators give their time and energy to teach others, they also need help thriving through healthy wellbeing strategies and work-life balance. I help in both areas–wellbeing and teaching–by sharing personalized tools and brain-based strategies I’ve developed and collected, listening, learning about people, and guiding them to draw on their strengths and abilities. It’s exciting work that brings clarity and confidence to those I work with and keeps me growing, too!

If you’re looking for help teaching online or teaching music appreciation, you’re in the right place! Take a look at the Online Teaching Lounge podcast produced by American Public University and shared on this website to get started. The podcast supports online educators in their great work of changing lives through the power of education at a distance while living a balanced life (available through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible, Amazon Music, and other platforms).

If you’re looking for even more ideas about thriving rather than just enduring in your work as a leader and educator, please visit my companion website DrBCoach.Com and the Mindset for Life podcast devoted to those subjects. 

Get Online, and Teach.

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You never know when emergencies or illness may strike. Learn tips to help online educators prepare for unexpected absences, illnesses, or other emergencies.

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The same things that led you to teach or perform music can also work well in online education as you share a passion for teaching or music with your students.

– Hansen, Teaching Music Appreciation Online, Oxford University Press (2020)


Teach Music Appreciation Online

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