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Teaching Online? You Can Handle It.

#134: What Makes a Great College Instructor?

Instructors must evaluate their teaching style to ensure student success. Here are questions teachers must ask when planning their next course and other tips to be effective in the online classroom.

#133: Improving Student Engagement Using Metrics and Data

Student engagement is a critical part of learning. In this episode, learn how educators can use metrics and data to better understand how to improve student engagement.

#132: Letting Go of Sedentary Online Teaching

Being sedentary can have major health impacts and result in lower productivity. Learn strategies to add activity to the workday like habit stacking.

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“Hansen’s book is an essential guide for anyone teaching a music appreciation course online. Those who are new to teaching will find all the essentials outlined, including helpful examples of teaching and testing strategies. Those whose experience is limited to the classroom will perhaps find this book even more valuable, as it clearly and systematically shows how teaching online is different, providing all the guidance necessary to make an online class successful.”

— Robin Wallace, author of Take Note: An Introduction to Music through Active Listening

“Hansen provides a comprehensive guide to teaching music appreciation online. From how to think about it, to specific issues of planning and design, to a broad spectrum of practical and creative techniques and strategies, she creates a detailed roadmap for effective online instruction in music appreciation. This volume will be an invaluable resource for anyone teaching music appreciation online.”

— Judith Bowman, Professor of Music Education & Music Technology, Duquesne University

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Just as a general philosophy defines one's purpose in life, a teaching philosophy can give purpose to one's online teaching. 

- Hansen, Teaching Music Appreciation Online, Oxford University Press (2020)