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Online Teaching Lounge Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of the Online Teaching Lounge Podcast, hosted by Dr. Bethanie Hansen and produced by American Public University, for tips and strategies related to teaching online  and working from home (wfh).

#28: Five Ways to Make Online Forum Discussions More Creative

  Transcript: This podcast is for educators, academics, and parents who know that online teaching can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding, engaging, and fun. Welcome to the Online Teaching Lounge. I'm your host, Dr. Bethanie Hansen, and I'll be your...

#27: How to Connect with a Faculty-Peer Community Online

Benefits of Connecting with a Faculty-Peer Community Online This content originally appeared on Online Learning Tips. This is episode number 27, “Connecting with a faculty peer community online.” This podcast is for educators, academics, and parents who know that...

#26: Strategies for Effectively Grading Online Assignments

This podcast and article were originally published on Online Learning Tips.Com. The COVID-19 pandemic created a major shift in U.S. education. K-12 schools, colleges and universities switched from in-person classes to online education, a transition which...

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Just as a general philosophy defines one's purpose in life, a teaching philosophy can give purpose to one's online teaching. 

- Hansen, Teaching Music Appreciation Online, Oxford University Press (2020)