#19: Eating Healthy and Working Online

#19: Eating Healthy and Working Online

Is it possible to balance eating healthy and working online? In today’s podcast, I’ll share ideas about this challenge.

In my own online work, living with healthy habits was difficult. I struggled for years without effective strategies.

Eventually, I adopted new habits. Then, I lost 95 pounds while still working online.

Yes, it’s possible to develop healthy eating habits as an online teacher. Strategy, planning, and timing can help!

#8: Manage Energy and Stress while Teaching Online

#8: Manage Energy and Stress while Teaching Online

How do I manage my energy and stress while teaching online? I’ve heard this question from many people. And, it’s normal for online teaching to become demanding on one’s time and energy. Stress increases unless we find balance and set limits.

In today’s podcast, you’ll learn about managing your energy, not your time. And when you’re experiencing high stress levels, you’ll love these tips to manage your stress!

For additional learning about The Science of Stress, in a special Time edition, please click on the link provided here: Special TIME Edition, The Science of Stress: Manage It. Avoid It. Put It to Use. 



#4: Working From Home (WFH) Tips – Priorities

#1: Time Management for Online Teaching

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